Actors You Gotta Get UNCOMFORTABLE


The biggest mistake actor’s make is sitting around spending time on
Facebook waiting for the phone to ring. The phone is not going to ring just because you
feel good about yourself. You are going to have to get out there in the uncomfortable
spot and start meeting people, shaking hands, introducing yourself. You are going to
have to walk in the party without an invitation and that can feel a little scary.



Living on the edge, or scraping the edges, is where you  to live as an actor. I read some
testimonials about a very big career coach recently. All of this coach’s testimonials were
about how great the actor’s now felt about themselves and how great they felt about
their careers. My actor’s don’t always feel great, however in the last 5 years I have
had clients go from no credits to starring in a Sony Feature and three clients get
recurring roles on TV Series and tons of clients booking single roles in Film, Television
and Theatre because they go out on the edge. Being out on the edge can be
uncomfortable, scary, emotional, and OUTRIGHT CRAZY MAKING!!!! But that is how
you get a career. Now there are some actions to take that can make the ride feel a little less scary and more
thrilling–so I decided to write another top 10 list



1. Knowledge is power. The more you know about your industry the better, names,
projects, literally what is happening. All knowledge is power, read Huffington Post, listen
to NPR have an opinion, know what is going on in the world.
2. Know your craft, and LOVE your craft, it makes you SEXIER
3. Have some nice clothes, look like you have already arrived. Be on trend, know your
4. Be Honest and Sincere, come from a place of GRATITUDE, to serve. GIVE BACK,
PAY IT FORWARD, it’s the circle of life.
5. Don’t be GREEDY
6. Build a team from the very beginning, they are your support to get to where you are
going, even if it is your family ala Mark Wahlberg. But the team mentality is the right way
to think.
7. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT and WHERE YOU ARE GOING, be able to eloquently
speak about that.
8. Have some money–you are going to need it.
9. Have a list , keep track of who you meet and everything you can about those people,
that’s how you create an empire.
Have a BLAST ( I have )

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