The Annual Mind Games Event

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It's almost that time: the annual Mind Games event is nearly here, and this year it's going to be a blast.

What are the Mind Games, you ask?

This is Actor’s Fast Track’s exclusive 1-day event to help you stop playing by the rules and learn the mindset you need to become successful in the acting game.

At this event, Actor’s Fast Track brings together an insanely awesome panel with:

  • An agent (who knows what casting directors are looking for).
  • A Manager (who will share with you what habits and behaviors get clients the most work).
  • Working actors (who have tried, failed, and then tried again to ongoing success).

The reason we do this is simple: Actor’s Fast Track wants to help you figure out what is getting in the way of you having the career of your dreams and get a plan that gets you working.

For more information and to book your tickets, visit the Mind Games.


Valorie Hubbard

CEO Actor's Fast Track

Devin Brooks

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